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[ OOC ]

Backtagging: Certainly.
Threadhopping: Usually fine! Ask just in case.
Fourthwalling: Usually fine! Depends on if it's IC for your character to do so; let's discuss!
Offensive subjects: Non-consensual subjects is the only thing I actively want to avoid.

[ IC ]

Hugging this character: You're invited to try, but you probably won't get much response.
Kissing this character: Likewise.
Flirting with this character: Likewise.
Fighting with this character: Sure, but he will fight back.
Injuring this character: Depending on severity, please discuss, but generally it's fine.
Killing this character: Discuss first!
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Discuss first, and be prepared to find nothing pretty there.

Given his rather sadistic tendencies, if you'd like to opt out from threading with Kirei, simply comment and it will be done!

Additionally, one of his powers for CNC involves literally feeding off the unhappiness of others, so if you're not okay with him being an emotional vampire with your character please let me know.


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